Mindful Meditation

Welcome to Nerdi Nest and our second 30 Day Family Challenge: Mindful Meditation.  February is often cold and families can start to feel cooped up and a little restless.  So for this 30 Day Family Challenge we plan on trying to bring attention to the experiences happening in the present moment. 

What’s great about mindful meditation is that all you need to get started is a seat on the floor and 10 -30 minutes a day.  Anyone, regardless of age or ability, can practice meditation and mindfulness. 

We’ll help you practice along over the next 30 Days.  We’ve provided meditations below for the adults and a few fun mindful meditations for the kids also.  Throughout the month follow along with our progress and keep a lookout for additional posts that will give you a better understanding of the practice of mindful meditation. 

We also have a lot more free meditations for you and the kids along with a 30 Day Family Challenge: Mindful Meditation calendar in our free content section this month.  If you like any of the videos and audio recordings below you’ll definitely want to checkout our free content, which will include free content to any of the 30 Day Family Challenges we do.

Here are four guided meditations to get you started and then two of our favorite kids guided meditation.  To get lots more free guided meditations go to our free content in the main menu and sign up for our newsletter!


3 minute Breathing Space – Peter Morgan
Life Happens 5 minute Breathing
15 minute Body Scan – Vidyamala Burch
10 minute Wisdom Meditation – UCSD Center for Mindfulness

This is a loving kindness kids meditation that I stumbled upon.  This is a great meditation to do when introducing to your children to the concepts of mindfulness and meditation.

Peace Out by Cosmic Kids Yoga is our favorite guided meditation series for kids.  It is great for before bed, which is when we usually try to fit in a meditation with Thaddeus and Temperance.

https://nerdinest.com/free-content/We have a ton more great guided meditation videos for kids in our free content.  With a wide range of styles from music and story telling based, to message based, to more simple and straight forward meditations.  We enjoy all types of them at Nerdi Nest, but you may find that certain meditations work better for your family than others.  So sign up for our weekly newsletter and check them all out, along with guided meditations for adults and older teens, for free.