Sans Television

January 30 Day Challenge – Sans Television.

That’s right! Our first official 30 Day Family Challenge is no television.  30 Days without t.v. is no easy feat so join the challenge or just follow our nest and see how we do.

I Wouldn’t Have

I was sitting on the couch trying to read last night, but my mind kept drifting off.  I was thinking on how we are coming up on our last week, of our first 30 Day Family Challenge: Sans Television.  The children were in bed, I had a hot cup of ...
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30 Day Family Challenge Week 1

Week 1 of our in-with-new, out-with-the-T.V., NerdiNest 30 day family challenge, has been a whirl-wind. So much so I haven’t really had time to process not having the T.V. My grandmother passed away over the New Year, and outside of relaying how nice the funeral was and catching up with ...
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