5 Best Board Games for Preschoolers in 2019

Board games with your preschoolers can be a challenge.  It’s hard to find games that will keep your little ones engaged, but not make you want to bang your head against the floor in boredom.  We’ve been playing a lot of them here at our Nerdi Nest during our first 30 Day Family Challenge: Sanz Television.  Even if you haven’t given up the television for a month.  January offers little help to combat your kids bent up energy.  When the temperature gets sub-zero like it does here in Minnesota, and the kids start to become listless, board games offer a little respite from cabin fever.  These our Top 5 Board Games for Preschoolers that the whole family can enjoy.

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Silly Street is arguably one of the best games for preschoolers and my families favorite game.  It’s a bright, colorful, innovative, and fun family board game that is perfect for you and your preschoolers.    When we first got the game we brought it out to play at a party.  The few adults who sat out the first round wanted in on the silly when we played another round.  The premise is pretty straight forward.  You have a street to travel down, and to get from the start of the street, to the end, you will have to draw cards that may ask you to do any number of silly things from, “tell a tale about a tattooed tiger..” to flamingo contests where, “Everyone stands on one leg and the last person standing wins.”  We guarantee from the first card, to the end, when the winner leads everyone in a Dance Party (a rule of the game) Silly Street will have you excited every time it’s someone’s turn.  

A little air guitar for this preschooler...move ahead 3!
Silly Street Board Game Un-boxed
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Board Game

The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Game is one your preschoolers will love.  It boasts, “the best selling preschooler game for 5 years running.”  Once you get your copy of The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Game     you’ll understand why.  A good friend told me the other day that he woke up on his own(yes you read that right on his own), to find his 3 year old daughter playing SSSG, quietly, by herself, while she let her Dad sleep.  You can’t get much bigger of an endorsement than that.  To top it off there is plenty of development skills that your preschoolers can work on while playing SSSG: color reinforcement, hand eye coordination, taking turns, and strategic thinking.  With no reading necessary, this is a board game you can encourage your preschoolers to play on their own, after you help reinforce the rules.  Which consists simply of helping your hungry little squirrel find his acorns by matching the color of the acorn, to the color on the spinner.  With minimal setup, and packaging that doubles as the game board,  your preschoolers will be helping their little forest friends find food all by themselves, while you may just get a few minutes to yourself. 

Trucks and a Bus Matching Game is you guessed it, a matching game, but it’s a lovely step up from your run-of-the-mill matching game.  With large, uniquely drawn, truck shaped pieces, it’s perfect for your younger preschooler, but will keep your grade-schooler entertained right along side their younger sibling.  The larger unique pieces help keep the game organized.  Which if you’ve ever played a full regular sized matching game, with preschoolers, know that it can soon resemble a go fish pile.  Trucks and a Bus Matching Game is perfect for my 3 year old and keeps her engaged heightening her spacial and recognition skills.  It’s a go to game at our house and doesn’t require you to set aside an hour if your just looking to spend a little quality time with your preschooler, after a long day, before bedtime.

Larger pieces, compared to normal matching pieces, improves engagement
Trucks and A Bus Board Game

Kids on Stageas it says directly on the box, is a charades game for kids.  This is  a family favorite, at our Nerdi Nest, that always stirs up plenty of laughter and fun.  It’s great for any age, but for those on the younger side it is still very accessible.  What 3 year old doesn’t like to act like a monkey, or a bird, or watch Dad jump around like a Kangaroo.  It says for 2-6 players, but you can easily incorporate as many people as you want into the game.  Much like Silly Street everyone will want to play Kids on Stage.  If you’re having friends over for a game night this one is a good interlude before putting the kids down for bed, since everyone will want in.  Even your young, hip, kid-less cousin won’t mind pulling up a stool and playing Kids on Stage, with your little people, as they better their social skills and critical thinking ablilities.  

Slips and Ladders Board Game Un-Boxed

Slips and Ladders was awarded an Openheim Gold Seal for being an outstanding “new product that enhance the lives of children.”  With no plastic pieces and a large beautifully drawn board this board game gives the classic chutes and ladders, from your childhood, a much needed make over.  Slips and Ladders technically says it’s for 5+ up, but our 4 year old can stay engaged for several games at a time.  Even our 3 year old, if she’s feeling focused, can maneuver her hare or tortoise up the ladder and down the slip.  One reason I suggest starting you pip squeaks off early with these type of games is that the sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to steal 20 or 30 minutes to yourself by the time they are in Kindergarten or 1st grade.  I’m sure after you play a few times this board game will climb up to earn a spot as one of your family favorites.

Let's hope this preschooler doesn't have a hare that slips...

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