30 Day Family Challenge Week 1

Week 1 of our in-with-new, out-with-the-T.V., NerdiNest 30 day family challenge, has been a whirl-wind.  So much so I haven’t really had time to process not having the T.V.  My grandmother passed away over the New Year, and outside of relaying how nice the funeral was and catching up with family.  I can only say, at the moment, that I will be processing it for a while.  I would say however, that not having the distraction of television, did give me more time with my thoughts.  Instead of simply tuning them out with television, I had to grapple a little more with my thoughts than I would have if I had, had the television to get lost in.

There has been less contention than I expected with the kids and no major melt downs have transpired.  Notice I do say major, one could argue that I may have had a slight over reaction to finding that some of my family had conspired against me (Ann and Katherine) to include hotel television privileges in our 30 day challenge.  I’m pretty sure these were not in the any of the original by-laws.  I may have lost Katherine’s vote of confidence, after denying her T.V. rights, after egregiously requesting she babysit her younger brother and sister.  I’m confident things would have turned in my favor if I had cast my stones a little differently.  Alas though, the short lived respite from our challenge, hotel or no hotel, would have been cheating and by staying course, I have no regrets and have already delved into my second book this year. 

The Challenge, at its most basic level, usually involves either beginning or ending an action.  With the later, people often look at The Challenge, as only abstaining or denying yourself something you’ve grown accustom too, but it’s not always about taking something out of your life.  It’s also about putting things back in.  With television out of the picture we’ve had much more time for other interests.  We’ve been able to play more games, cook more, read, read more, write, and exercise.  It reminds me of before I quit smoking and ex-smokers would tell me, “Not only have I saved money and gotten healthier, I now have all this extra time that use to be spent smoking.”  So again, I wish you a happy New Year, filled with new beginnings.    

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